Composition fire-retardant impregnating BOBS


Fire-resistant timber is allowed to be used at facilities in conditions of service classes I – III in accordance with GOST 20022.2-80.

The composition provides II group of fire retardant efficiency at a minimum consumption of 330 g / m 2 with 2-time processing of the structure.

The shelf life of the fire-retardant efficiency of the composition and strength of fire-resistant wood in the absence of climatic factors is five years. It is allowed to reduce the strength of treated wood by no more than 20%.

The composition is highly effective in protecting wood from damage by mold and staining fungi.

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Composition fire-retardant impregnating BOBS is intended for fire-retardant processing of wood.

The composition is applied on surfaces that have access for control and re-treatment, which are not directly affected by climatic factors and chemically aggressive environments.

Certificate of Conformity Unitary Enterprise “Brest Regional Fire-Fighting Plant” No. BY / 112 02.01.033 00180, valid until 21.10.2020.

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