Lightning rods


Lightning rods are manufactured:
– free-standing rods with a height of 14–20 m + -0.01 m, the protected area at ground level is 1384–2826 m 2 , respectively;
– installed on the protected object with a height of the upper part 5–7 m + -0.01 m, the protected area at ground level with a minimum building height of 5 m 706–1017 m 2 .

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Lightning rods are designed to protect buildings and structures from direct lightning strikes.

Lightning rods consists of a support (supports), an air terminal, a down conductor and a ground electrode.

Degree of reliability in both cases – 95%, type of protection zone – B.

Manufactured according to technical specifications TU RB 100144393.013-2002.

Lightning rods meet the requirements of RD 34.21.122-87 “Instructions for the arrangement of lightning protection of buildings and structures.”

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