Self-contained smoke detector IP-212-54


Operating temperature range from minus 100C to plus 550C.
The sensitivity of the detector is not less than 0.05 dB / m.
The signal loudness level at a distance of 1 m is not lower than 85 dB.
Detection time of test fires: when wood is burning – from 230 to 370 s, when wood is smoldering – from 410 to 840 s, when cotton is smoldering – from 130 to 750 s, when synthetic material is burning – from 90 to 180 s, when liquid is burning – from 20 to 240 s.

The certificate of conformity of the Unitary Enterprise “Fire-prevention works” No. BY / 112 02.01.033 00849, valid until 27.09.2024.

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The IP-212-54T autonomous fire smoke detector is intended for use as automatic fire detection and fire warning devices in buildings and structures (including residential).

The detector operates continuously from an internal 9 V DC power supply (battery type “Krona”, “Korund”).

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