Injection powder fire extinguisher OP-2 (z)


OP-2 (z) – rechargeable fire extinguisher of low pressure (working pressure 1.4 + -0.2 MPa).

The mass of the charge of the extinguishing agent is 2 + -0.1 kg.

Gross weight of a charged fire extinguisher is not more than 4.3 kg.

Service life before recharging not more than 5 years, for vehicles installed in the cab not more than 2 years, for vehicles installed outside the cab not more than 1 year.

Service life no more than 10 years.

Certificates of Conformity Unitary Enterprise “Gomel Fire-Fighting Works” No. BY / 112 02.01.033 00825, valid until 02.04.2024, No. BY / 112 02.01.033 00835, valid until 26.06.2024, Unitary Enterprise “Fire-prevention works” No. BY / 112 02.01.033 00806, valid until 12.12.2023

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Powder injection fire extinguisher OP-2 (z) is intended for use as a primary means of extinguishing fires of classes A (solid combustible substances), B (combustible liquids), C (combustible gases) and E (electrical installations located under voltage up to 1000 V), at an ambient temperature from minus 40 0 С to plus 50 0 С.

The fire extinguisher is not intended to extinguish the fires of alkali, alkaline earth metals and other materials that can burn without air access.

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